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Healthcare Brand MarketingAugust - 2020

Healthcare Brand Marketing Creative Sample from AE Marketing Group

Healthcare brand marketing often all looks the same – – An employee, usually wearing branded attire telling you how great a company is and why you should buy their product or service. Not very differentiating and not impactful with modern buyers.

So, how do you get buyers to care about your healthcare brand? You make the brand relatable by empowering employees to be themselves. This builds relationships, community, and loyalty.

When thinking about healthcare brand marketing for our customer, Network Health, we did just that.

Instead of having their employees tell consumers about the Wisconsin-based company, we documented dozens of employees outside the office to tell the unique aspects of their lives. This led to the largest, unscripted employee documentary campaign in healthcare history and was named the Video Campaign of the Year by Ad Age and Modern Healthcare.

As a result, employee and customer satisfaction, brand awareness, and revenue all increased. Why? Because people want to do business with people they can identify with. And businesses can’t achieve that – let alone be different – by telling employees what to say about them in 30 second TV ads anymore.

Using photojournalism and documentary filmmaking, we help brands differentiate themselves, boost emotional connections, and gain earned media.

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