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B2B2C Healthcare BrandingAugust - 2020

B2B2C Healthcare Branding

What is the best way to use your employees in healthcare branding? Let them share their personal stories about life outside of work. It will boost employee engagement and create raving fans.

Employee advertising isn’t new and the creative style is often the same – An employee, usually wearing branded attire telling you how great a company is and why you should buy their product or service. This method of healthcare branding is not very differentiating and not impactful with modern buyers.

That’s why AE Marketing Group uses photojournalism and documentary filmmaking to help brands differentiate themselves, boost emotional connections, and gain earned media.

In 2016, AE Marketing Group led the largest employee documentary campaign in healthcare history to position Network Health as a different kind of health insurance company with a style that was personal, educational, and genuine. This included shooting long and short-form video and photographing nearly two-dozen employees.

Instead of having their employees tell consumers about the Wisconsin-based company, we documented dozens of employees outside the office to tell the unique aspects of their lives. 

This campaign led to:

  • 394% increase in online enrollment.
  • Highest employee satisfaction levels in company history.
  • 14 percentage point increase in brand awareness.
  • Over 700k videos viewed in the market.
  • 6,000% increase in total engagements.
  • 9 National Creative Awards and earned media.
  • Modern Healthcare and Ad Age Video Campaign of the Year.

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