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CEO Perspective on Enterprise Lab Series™September - 2020

Through enterprise branding, AE Marketing Group is able to sit with the CEO perspective and frame marketing in the broader context of an entire enterprise.

The best brands today understand that no matter the industry, your brand has to be bigger than just an advertising function. Therefore, enterprise branding is where HR, product development, operations, sales, and marketing meet. It aligns an organization to create a seamless experience for customers. When a company gets this right, the brand can reach a point where advertising isn’t needed as much.

Executives often mistake “brand” as a marketing or communications function. This can be a costly mistake in terms of time, money, and resources.  In today’s demonstration economy, a “brand” must transcend the entire company enterprise, including employees, products, services, marketing, supply chain, customers, etc.

And while you can’t control all of these brand forces all of the time, you can align them.

The Enterprise Lab Series™ was designed to help companies align their brand to demonstrate and deliver a consistent, compelling experience at every touchpoint.

This is more imperative now than ever as we are living in an era where empowered consumers or unhappy employees can build or destroy a brand’s reputation with the click of a button.  Recognize this reality and embrace the chaos.

C-level executives see across their entire organization and are able to make meaningful changes. AE Marketing Group’s CEO perspective allows our agency to be a thought partner with these executives to create a lasting impact beyond traditional ad campaigns.

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