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ZORCH’s CEO on Managing Growth and Marketing ROI

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Mike Wolfe Zorch’s CEO on The Brand Lab Series™ Ep 5

Zorch CEO Mike Wolfe is today’s special guest on Episode 003 of The Brand Lab Series™ Podcast. Your host Brian Walker takes a closer look at managing metrics, growth, and ROI from your marketing dollars with Mike Wolfe. By creating buzz through differentiating themselves and using tactical initiatives, ZORCH has been able to develop brand awareness in a niche B2B industry.

Mike’s rise to the C-suite started with his background in accounting and finance, thus giving Mike a different perspective on marketing initiatives. Brian asks Mike, “What can marketers do better for the C-suite?” In response, Mike suggests that marketers can be setting expectations about what the intended outcome is between the expense and actual revenue.

In B2B marketing, this can still present challenges in tracking metrics when transactions are not solely paid SEM or SEO. For example, Mike explains how in ZORCH’s B2B industry, a paid Super Bowl ad will not reach the intended audience as well. However, when ZORCH’s head of sales rode a branded beach cruiser around an industry convention, they raised more brand awareness that created buzz which gained them payback within their specific industry.

ZORCH provides companies with branded merchandise through innovative tech-enabled solutions. While it may not be a unique product, Zorch has brought a unique quality and experience to clients. By creating more cost-efficient products through faster technology, ZORCH has grown and built its culture to accommodate their customers’ needs.

Brian Walker and Mike Wolfe share some fantastic insights on the overall business point of view compared to just marketing perspective, as well as the differences between B2B and B2C marketing and how to get the best ROI and growth.

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