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ZORCH’s CEO on Branding in a Red Ocean and Customer Experience

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Mike Wolfe Zorch’s CEO on The Brand Lab Series™ Ep 6

Zorch CEO Mike Wolfe is back again this week on Episode 006 of the Brand Lab Series™ Podcast. Your host Brian Walker talks with Mike this time about how ZORCH creates and manages merchandising plans for large companies. ZORCH’s approach is to bring a completely unique and different solution. Being a new company allowed them to find a way to handle an archaic process through becoming a purely tech enabled efficient producer. Linking buyers with manufacturers directly allows ZORCH to supply a high-quality product at the lowest price.

ZORCH is a relatively young company in a $22 billion marketplace, yet they have customers like- Jet Blue and Ally Financial. Mike shares with Brian that the reason for this success is due to the process. ZORCH is unique and different from the routine models that have relied a lot on physical infrastructure. Today, ZORCH allows for less obsolescence of inventory by cutting out the middle man through technology. Customers have already saved 20-40%, reduced inventory to 0% (since there is no inventory), and there is now 100% brand compliance (which is great from a marketing perspective). With these new technological advances, suppliers can’t make a mistake. Marketing teams love to hear this because it makes ZORCH a 1-stop shop for rebranding and any merchandising needs.

“FAST” – is the one word that Mike uses to describe ZORCH. Mike contributes this to the fact that there is very little bureaucracy in the company. So instead of sitting and thinking and planning and being undermined by the competition, they can make decisions quickly and improve their overall position

Both Mike and Brian agree that the number one thing you can do is, “listen to the customer”. If you don’t know how to manage the customer experience, then your business won’t be around very long. Creating unique experiences will always resonate with the customer that you are working with.

Mike and Brian have a lot of experience making big impressions as smaller fish in a big ocean. When there is so much competition in your industry, the experience that your customer has with you will be the thing that makes you stand out.

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