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Bunker Labs’ CEO on Leadership and Entrepreneur Economy

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Todd Connor Bunker Labs’ CEO on The Brand Lab Series™ Ep 4

In episode 004, Brian Walker continues his interviews with Todd Connor CEO of The Bunker Labs. The Brand Lab Series™ Podcast is proudly brought to you by AE Marketing Group. The Bunker Labs is a not-for-profit organization that serves as a network for military veterans to facilitate entrepreneurship. Brian Walker and Todd Connor discuss their experiences in working with founders and business success.

You would do well to shake the notion that you can’t try, fail and move forward; because that is exactly what you SHOULD do! The advantage that The Bunker Lab founders have that comes from their military experience and their age is the confidence to step forward without that guarantee of perfect success. They are not afraid to fail fast and be on to the next step in growth. That is core to The Bunker Labs, and they’re sharing this new culture with the Pentagon to encourage a change in risk calculus for the military as well.

The business mentors at The Bunker Labs are instilling self-reliance in their veteran founders by training them to problem solve with their real-world consumer data instead of yes or no answers from so-called authority figures. They steer clear from that kind of hubris, knowing that it has no place in a real market. What a phenomenal interview! We know you’ll enjoy it.

Tags: Nonprofit, Entrepreneurship

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