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ThinkCERCA’s Co-Founder on Being a Millennial and Female Tech Entrepreneur

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Abby Ross ThinkCERCA’s Co-Founder on The Brand Lab Series™ Ep 21

ThinkCERCA™ Co-founder, female entrepreneur and fast moving Millennial, Abby Ross talks about being “always on” in the EdTech industry. “You live and breathe your customer and your team” and Abby’s obsession with her business has allowed for extremely rapid growth.

Energy and passion were the driving force that started ThinkCERCA™ and Abby credits the start-up environment and Millennial spirit that came from the community at 1871 Chicago for creating a support system and motivating success.

Abby has written on her experience being a female entrepreneur in Forbes Magazine. Currently, there may be a lack of female technologists in the startup space, but Abby believes that this is shifting toward greater representation of women in the female founder space.

So what keeps someone who is “always on” going? Abby credits her entrepreneurial spirit to the “Pizza-Gene”. Find out what this is and more about how Abby finds that balance between life and managing a rapidly growing company.

Think, Measure, Learn. That’s what the team at ThinkCERCA™ believes and it has helped them move fast to create a great product and reflect on ways to continuously make it better.

We hope you enjoy the episode. Thank you for listening. To hear Abby’s first Brand Lab Series™ Podcast episode click here.

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