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LearnVest’s COO on FinTech

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Ainslie Simmonds LearnVest’s COO on The Brand Lab Series™ Ep 22

Deciding when to buy versus when to build technology is a question facing many C-Suite executives today.  However, for LearnVest, the dilemma was even bigger. The FinTech company was growing rapidly while simultaneously disrupting financial planning.

LearnVest Chief Operating Officer, Ainslie Simmonds joined episode 22 of the Brand Lab Series™ podcast to share their journey.

Ainslie describes why building their own technology was “the best and worst decision we ever made.”  Due to that decision, technology “took the team from being human to being superhuman,” said Simmonds.

Throughout the conversation, Ainslie describes building an MVP, use cases and the never-ending refinement to the customer experience.

People can simplify how they spend, save and track their money because of LearnVest’s technology. However, the byproduct of building their own technology allows the company to remain agile in delivering good CX.

Ainslie, Natalie, and Brian discuss brand pivots, marketing challenges, customer empathy and more.   Brian also asks Ainslie about growth, customer data and if there is a downside to too much technology.

We hope you enjoy the episode.

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