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Illinois Policy Institute’s CEO on Leadership and Entrepreneurship in the C-Suite

John tillman Illinois-Policy-Institute-CEO-leadership-and-entrepreneurship-in-c-suite

John Tillman Illinois Policy Institute’s CEO on The Brand Lab Series™ Ep 10

Illinois Policy Institute CEO John Tillman returns today as our guest today for Episode 010 of the Brand Lab Series™ Podcast. Your host Brian Walker shifts the focus of the conversation to leadership and entrepreneurship. John Tillman’s experience in business has taught him to be fearless. If you have a deep belief in what you are doing to can manage the daunting challenges to be faced.

As a business grows, the culture will undergo a change when it goes from 10 employees to 50 employees. The founder has the unique challenge of delegating tasks that he or she feels tied to, and of finding talented people to step in play a role in innovation so that the founder may be the keeper of vision, strategy, and discipline.

The feeling in the office of Illinois Policy Institute is focused, fun and irreverent. They are happy warriors who advance the cause of freedom. On each employee’s first day they are taught 16 guiding values. Additionally, each employee spends 90 minutes quarterly with John to keep these 16 guiding values on the forefront. Then when things bubble up they return to those touchstones to define the needed change. What a great management model!

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