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Illinois Policy Institute’s CEO on Marketing Public Policy Through Storytelling

Illinois policy CEO-John-Tillman-marketing-public-policy-through-storytelling

John Tillman Illinois Policy Institute’s CEO on The Brand Lab Series™ Ep 9

Illinois Policy Institute CEO John Tillman is our special guest today for Episode 009 of the Brand Lab Series™ Podcast. Your host Brian Walker sits down with John Tillman to discuss public policy and how it affects everyday citizens.

As a non-profit, the Illinois Policy Institute must align marketing with development. John Tillman came on the scene in 2007 as the Institute was $50,000 in debt, but he wanted to turn Illinois around. The key part of this is to show their donors their accountability and their successes in meeting every commitment so far and then asking for more funding.

The Illinois Policy Institute has learned to sell in the language the target audience consumes. They customize their output and use human stories. This requires a lot of patience and research, but they know it is worth it to find the right story that will resonate with the public.

So how can they measure success? John says that he measures success by passing legislation and by seeing the results of a better life for the people of Illinois.

We’ll be back next week with more from John Tillman.

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