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Hilco Valuation Services’ CMO on Brands and FinTech Today


Jim Glickman Hilco Valuation Services’ CMO on The Brand Lab Series™ Ep 11

Hilco Valuation Services CMO Jim Glickman understands the role of the Chief Marketing Officer. Under Jim’s leadership, Hilco built a CRM technology that combined customer information for teams to share. This integration allows for maximum efficiency. In marketing and sales technology has led to the CMO role evolving quickly.

“Technology is a tool that brings us to the intersection of visibility and knowledge,” says Glickman, “it has also generated a better customer experience.”

Jim also shares how a financial services company can focus on maximizing the value of commercial assets in three ways:
1. They value assets.
2. They monetize assets.
3. They have an advisory business.

Jim finds that the healthy balance of sales-minded and marketing-minded individuals fuels Hilco’s success.

Tags: Financial Services, Technology

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