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Hilco Valuation Services’ CMO on Sales and Marketing Alignment

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Jim Glickman Hilco Valuation Services’ CMO on The Brand Lab Series™ Ep 12

Today we compare horizontal marketing with vertical marketing. Thanks for joining us! Brian Walker continues his interview with Jim Glickman who is the CMO of Hilco Evaluation Services. Episode 012 is full of great information for anyone seeking to learn how to align sales and marketing.

When Jim Glickman worked at GE Health Care Financial Services he was the innovation leader. He brought all of his wisdom and experience with him to Hilco Financial Services. Their messaging as transformed from “we can do 20 different things for you” to “we do 3 key things.” It is a more simple message and it has given them a stronger presence in the market.

He talks about his Go-To-Market strategy in the lending community and among their other clients. Jim makes some great points about how a company functions internally and how it is seen externally. Grasping the difference is a turning point for any organization.

Speaking of a brand who understands this principle, let’s analyze what Netflix is doing right today.

Tags: Financial Services, Brand and Marketing

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