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Branding Magazine’s Contributing Editor Talks Content Marketing


Chuck Kent Branding Magazine’s Contributing Editor on The Brand Lab Series™ Ep 17

Branding Magazine Editor Chuck Kent joins us today to talk about content marketing, brand and co-creation.  As our industry shifts to multi-channel media and consumers have brand power – content, no matter how you define it – is a critical component.

As the creator and moderator of The Branding Roundtable and Director of Brand Content for Avenue, Chuck has interviewed countless marketing executives and provides both a B2C and B2B perspective.

Brian, Natalie, and Chuck have a lively discussion on which brands are doing content marketing well and how to make your overall marketing more useful to the consumers.

However, Chuck warns brands to be careful with “native advertising” as there could be a tipping point where consumers, already suspect of advertising, might view content in a negative fashion.

Brian and Chuck talk about overcoming this suspicion through a co-creation mindset, which gives customers and employees ownership in branded efforts.

Natalie asks Chuck to share his insight on what makes a good brand story.  His answer is simple – yet often overlooked by brands.  1) Don’t make it about the brand 2) Make true 3) Make it human 4) Don’t make it transactional.

As always Chuck provides lively insight and the occasional strong point of view that we know the Brand Lab Series™ listeners will appreciate.  Enjoy the show.

Tags: B2B, B2C, Brand and Marketing

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