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AE Marketing Group Launches New Medicare Advertising CampaignOctober - 2018


AE Marketing Group has launched a new Medicare Advertising TV Campaign for Network Health, featuring employees from the 2016-2017 documentary campaign.

Melanie Draheim, Marketing Director at Network Health said, “The new campaign features what continues to set us apart—our employees.”

In 2016, AE Marketing Group worked with Network Health to create the largest documentary campaign in healthcare history. We told the personal stories of Network Health employees in order to humanize their brand in an industry with historically low satisfaction scores and medicare advertising that all looks the same. 

For the 2019 Open Enrollment period, we selected employees who directly impact Medicare customers’ experience. This included representatives from wellness to the pharmacy and managed care to finance, and more. This time, the same beloved Network Health employees were speaking directly to the camera, talking about Medicare coverage in different settings across Wisconsin.

“It was a great experience helping shape the employee documentary campaign into a Medicare application,” says Director/Editor, Graham Metzger. “This was the first time we had scripted lines with the all employee cast and they all performed wonderfully. I couldn’t be happier with the way the final piece came together.”


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