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AE Marketing Group CEO, Brian Walker, Speaks at CAMA Executive CircleOctober - 2018

On September 11, 2018, Brian Walker, CEO of AE Marketing Group, spoke to the Chicago American Marketing Association (CAMA) Executive Circle about  his award-winning podcast, the Brand Lab Series™.  Now heading into its fourth season, the Brand Lab Series™ features conversations with today’s most innovative executives and entrepreneurs. The podcast offers listeners practical advice and insight on technology, customer experience, co-creation, marketing, employee advocacy, and more.

“I didn’t start the Brand Lab Series™ for awards,” said Brian. “I started it because I wanted to have conversations with people that I found to be inspiring. I wanted to have conversations with people that would make me a better person, would make my team better, and would certainly make me a better marketer.”

Chief Experience Officer of the CAMA, Jennifer Severns, said, “The focus on customer experience really resonated with me. It’s refreshing, when everything you hear is about how to get more eyeballs on something or how to make more money, to hear the deeper purpose behind the Brand Lab Series™, which is to provide meaningful and valuable content.”

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