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AE Marketing Group Named Among the Top 100 Content Marketers by BuzzSumo and Express Writers.September - 2018


A recent study by BuzzSumo and Express Writers combined the Top Influencers and Top Authors for “content marketing,” around the world, naming AE Marketing Group among them. The chosen, stand-out, 100 influencers for 2018 have truly earned their place.

This list could not come at a better time, as it is quickly becoming more relevant and necessary than ever to maintain a real presence on social media. Not a presence built by bots, fake followers, or an overnight rush of success. But a real, humanly-built, humanly-connected presence.

“Our reach is truly organic on social media, says AE Marketing Manager, Alexa Jackson. “BuzzSumo and Express Writers are correct that a true audience is not grown overnight. We have been executing against an ever-evolving content strategy for years. It is great to see that hard work paying off with recognition like this.”

The best lesson we have learned when it comes to social is the importance of defining content pillars, then delivering and engaging with content that fits them, including the Brand Lab Series™. This way, everything stays on brand.

Our expertise in content marketing also pays off for our customers. For example, we have grown Network Health’s digital community by 900%, delivered journalism features for UCAN that have earned 100k media hits, and increased Illinois Policy Institute’s user engagement by 2,657%.

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Also, be sure to read the full report here.


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