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AE Marketing Group Celebrates Its 7th AnniversaryMarch - 2018

anniversary-AE Marketing Group's 7th Anniversary

AE Marketing Group began with the belief that brands are bigger than just advertising. And, on March 16th, we celebrate our 7th anniversary.

Since 2011, we’ve helped customers build revenue through aligning marketing, customer experience, product development, employee engagement, technology and more. Highlights include…

  • B2B2C health insurance customer became #1 in the marketplace after we launched first-of-its-kind industry creative
  • B2B technology customer grew sales 5x their industry average after we led co-creation marketing strategy
  • Public policy customer became one of the most powerful media organizations in the country after we built an enterprise brand and consumer marketing operation
  • B2B software customer closed their fastest F500 deal in company history after we aligned brand across business development
  • B2C healthcare customer gained national earned-media after we broke social media engagement records for women and Millennials across Facebook
  • Non-Profit customer shattered both single event and annual fundraising goals after we integrated development with marketing strategy
Today, we remain 100% customer-funded have experienced double-digit profitable growth for seven straight years.  AE Marketing Group is a 2x Inc. 5000 winner, a Goldman Sachs 10K and 1871 company. Thank you for celebrating our anniversary with us.

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