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The Top 5 Democratic Candidate LogosOctober - 2019

Tuesday will be the biggest presidential primary debate in history, with 12 Democratic Candidates for President taking the stage.  While we can’t all agree on politics, we can agree on good creative.   

In light of this historic debate, we asked our creative team members to weigh in on their favorite democratic candidate logos based upon design (not policy). We scored all 12 candidates appearing on stage October 15, and then narrowed the collective rankings down to five.


Pete Buttigieg

Buttigieg’s logo has a simple and balanced design that is contemporary and pleasant. The rotating colors seen across his logos add visual interest that keep the logo from looking too plain. 


 Julian Castro

Castro’s color scheme of dark on light blue is visually memorable. The use of typeface and spacing, especially with the accent mark, is creative and clean.




Tulsi Gabbard

Gabbard’s font and the use of a sunset motif is very different from other candidate’s logos, making it visually compelling and memorable. 


Beto O’rourke

O’rourke uses an evocative and visually interesting font. Overall, his logo has an old timey feel that makes it stand out. 


Joe Biden

Biden’s logo is traditionally formal, with clean lines and just enough creative flair on the “E.” 

While ranking logos is a fun exercise for our team, AE Marketing Group are firm believers that a brand is much bigger than logos.  Legacy branding used to be all about an organization’s name, logo and advertising, but today, a brand is an enterprise-wide function that touches all aspects of a business. 

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