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Case Study: B2B2C Healthcare Marketing at Network Health


Business Challenge

Network Health had provided health insurance in Wisconsin for nearly 30 years, but less than 1 in 3 consumers and 4 in 10 businesses had ever heard of them. This lack of brand awareness was hurting their ability to compete with national health insurance companies in the marketplace.



AE Marketing Group rebranded Network Health with a mix of strategy and creative never seen before in the Wisconsin health insurance category. Built around the promise of “We Speak Your Language,” clear words became the hero of Network Health. And with a company policy to, “End the Jargon,” the entire organization was re-trained, materials re-written, and content was designed to cut through the confusion and clutter of the industry.



  • Employer Familiarity rose from 46% to 72% - Highest amongst all competitors in the market
  • Consumer Awareness rose from 32% to 58% - the largest increase of all competitors in the market
  • Among existing customers, preference increased from 39% to 64%
  • Network Health became most preferred health insurer in NE Wisconsin market
  • Won highest brand honors at  33rd Annual Telly Awards


  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Strategy
  • Employee Engagement
  • Customer Experience
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