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Nonprofit Customer Testimonial Zack Schrantz (video)November - 2017

In this nonprofit customer testimonial, UCAN President/CEO, Zack Schrantz, CEO Emeritus, Tom Vanden Berk, and VP of Development, Fred Long, discuss how AE Marketing Group helped them find a smart way to use their limited resources to brand their non-profit through transformational storytelling and streamline focus.

UCAN, a youth-focused Chicago non-profit with roots dating back to the Civil War and a modern-day identity that was often at odds with itself. UCAN needed to bring clarity to their brand, build a consensus across the organization, and improve their positioning for future fundraising.

AE Marketing Group conducted in-depth interviews with UCAN’s youths, employees, and board members to provide a clear brand architecture. This resulted in operationalized brand positioning, tone, style, and enhanced creative treatments that integrated key satisfaction data with emotional photography and stronger calls to action. Additionally, AE used documentary storytelling to showcase youth trauma and drive fundraising and awareness.

This nonprofit customer testimonial shows how AE Marketing Group successfully works with organizations to establish their brand identity, tell their story in a way that forms emotional connections, and drive fundraising.

AE Marketing Group has continued to work with UCAN throughout the years, including executing all video production for the 2019 Youth Leadership Awards that led to record fundraising and all virtual video production for the 2020 Youth Leadership Awards.

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