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B2B2C HealthcareAugust - 2020

B2B2C Healthcare Brand Marketing Creative Treatment

B2B2C healthcare marketing is competitive and full of “me too” clutter that looks and feels the same.

So, how does a challenger brand humanize an industry that most people do not like? Make it about people – not the customer, but the employees. Share their stories to create buyer empathy.

Using photojournalism and documentary filmmaking, we help B2B2C healthcare brands differentiate themselves, boost emotional connections, and gain earned media.

Network Health planned to launch new products on the Health Exchange and pursue new revenue opportunities through geographic expansion, all while continuing to differentiate itself from the competition on a limited marketing budget.

In 2016, AE Marketing Group led the largest employee documentary campaign in healthcare history to position Network Health as a different kind of health insurance company with a style that was personal, educational, and genuine. This included shooting long and short-form video and photographing nearly two-dozen employees.

This campaign led to:

  • 394% increase in online enrollment.
  • Highest employee satisfaction levels in company history.
  • 14 percentage point increase in brand awareness.
  • Over 700k videos viewed in the market.
  • 6,000% increase in total engagements.
  • 9 National Creative Awards and earned media.
  • Modern Healthcare and Ad Age Video Campaign of the Year.

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