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Tide Spin’s CEO on Innovation Mindset and Branding at Proctor and Gamble

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David VanHimbergen Tide Spin’s CEO on the Brand Lab Series™ Ep 52

David VanHimbergen’s seventeen-year career is full of iconic Procter and Gamble brands, bookended by Tide.  In addition, his most recent role was in global innovation for the brand.  So who better to launch Tide Spin than David?

The startup creates a “One Wash Wow” through an on-demand laundry service.  With 75 years of brand strength, they are well positioned for growth.

“Even if you have a strong business or brand, technology is changing everything,” says VanHimbergen. “Therefore, as we pivot to a direct-to-consumer model, technology allows us to be more relevant to purchase path and customer experience.”



Tags: B2C, CPG, Brand and Marketing, Technology

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