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ParkerGale’s Founders on Podcasting Your Brand Today


Devin Mathews and Jim Milbery ParkerGale’s Founders on The Brand Lab Series™ Ep 32

Podcasting has been a big hit with many brands. Our own podcast filled an industry void in C-Suite marketing content. Yet, by no means are we audio pioneers. Therefore, we tapped our friends at ParkerGale to share how you can use podcasting to fuel your brand.

Devin Mathews and Jim Milbery return to the Brand Lab Series™ to discuss why podcasting has been part of their private equity brand for years.  ParkerGale’s PEFuncast is at the intersection of industry content and personality. If you haven’t listened to it, you should.

So is podcasting right for your brand?  We ask Jim and Devin, why they started their show, what the early production process was like and advice they’d give others.

“Podcasts are more intimate forms of content than blog posts,” said Devin. “It allows us to reach a more passive audience and build a following over time.”

Unlike a traditional upside down triangle sales funnel, private equity is right side up.  This creates challenges, but ParkerGale views that as an opportunity. Instead of using cold calls and cold emails to reach prospective companies, the PEFuncast becomes a strategic marketing tool.

By sharing content on a range of interests from marketing to technology to finance to leadership, ParkerGale uses podcasting as a differentiator.

An example of this is when AE Marketing Group, CEO Brian Walker, appeared on two episodes. This begged a question (and giggles) from Natalie, “what is it like to have Brian on as a guest versus a host?”

“Brian is a restrained tornado,” said Jim Milbery, “don’t get him started on influencer marketing.”

We also discuss why podcasting is a long-game (unless you’re already famous).  Over the last couple of years, the PEFuncast went from friends and family listeners to a few hundred, to a few a thousand and now over 15K per month.

We hope you enjoy the lively banter amongst Natalie, Brian, Jim, and Devin.  There are many tips on podcasting as well as where to find the best donuts in Chicago in this episode.

Tags: Financial Services, Brand and Marketing

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