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Deloitte’s Principal and Global Insights Leader on How to Protect Brands from Insurgents

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Jonathan Copulsky Deloitte’s Principal and Global Insights Leader on The Brand Lab Series™ Ep 31

Deloitte Principal and Global Insights Leader, Jonathan Copulsky joins the Brand Lab Series™ to talk about protecting your brand today.  As the author of “Brand Resilience,” Jonathan knows a thing or two about managing risk and recovery in a high-speed world.

“Brand is that promise you make to the customer… and it’s that value that the brand brings to customers through your products or services.”  

Quality and Trust: 

Two things brands can’t survive without.

“Trust is knowing this brand will do the right thing.” And quality means that all functions of the brand are supplying a reliable product.

Jonathan points out that at a company like Deloitte, everyone will always have something to say about the brand.

It is important for the narrative of your brand to speak to the company’s mission and encompass your brand quality and trust.

Brand Risks: 

To mitigate the impact of brand risk, the company must look at both internal and external forces.

So what are the biggest threats to brands today?

  1. Cyber Security
  2. Supply Chain Sustainability

Big data is growing at rapid speed. It is important for companies to keep customer and employee information safe through reliable cyber security.

Along with digital security, manufacturing processes must align with ethical supply chain practices.

Transparency in these processes will ultimately help minimize brand risks.

Brand Resilience: 

The myopia of brand resilience is that we just look at marketing as an advertising function, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Like AE CEO Brian Walker always says, “Marketing is far bigger than just a creative function.”

Things like supply chain may seem unrelated to marketing, but the reality is they are. When other parts of the business fail, then the brand is at risk for failing even if their creative functions are great.

Jonathan advises that brand, like insurgents, must constantly be improvising responses and tactics.

“As marketers, what works today, might not work tomorrow either.”

Thank you for listening and we hope you enjoyed this episode. To listen to more Brand Lab Series™ podcasts visit us on iTunes.

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