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Deloitte’s Jonathan Copulsky on the Evolving Role of the CMO & CCO

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Deloitte’s Jonathan Copulsky on the Brand Lab Series™ Ep 34

As empowered consumers and technology shift brand power, pressure on a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) or Chief Content Officer (CCO) has never been greater. Who better to talk about the challenges facing a CMO or CCO than Jonathan Copulsky. He has held both positions at Deloitte, so he knows a thing or two about resilience.

The Role of the CMO

Surprisingly, the CMO role itself is relatively new.  Jonathan contributes this to the importance of growth and marketing to an organization, but also the changing nature of the position.  He says, “the CMO role is challenging, yet fun,” and involves five marketing strains of DNA:

  1. Customer Experience – managing and maximizing the customer journey
  2. Data and Analytics – understanding customer behaviors and interactions
  3. Brand – building creative expressions
  4. Sales Enablement – aligning the right people and channels
  5. Product/Service Innovation – driving innovation and market strategy

Brian and Natalie ask Jonathan about expectations, dealing with our omnichannel reality and how to demonstrate value to the CEO.  He acknowledges expectations are high and its all about results. “It’s the job of the CMO to be the voice of the customer, but it requires a strategy from the outside-in.”

The Role of the CCO

Jonathan sees one of the very first and best examples of content marketing in Michelin. The French tire company created a guide to restaurants to encourage car trips.

Flash forward and today, anyone with a digital device can create and publish content. However, great content marketing requires more than just content generation.

At Deloitte, content marketing is thought leadership.  “This allows us to take our capabilities or expertise and frame them through the lens of problems our clients are trying to solve,” says Copulsky. “However, the value needs to be in the content, not the advertising.”

Hence, it’s the job of a CCO is to distribute content using all the great tools available to marketers and maximize exposure.

Always Evolving

Jonathan shares a few successes during his career at Deloitte including, the “Confidence Campaign,” and first ever massive open online course on 3D printing.  He also talks about the importance of social responsibility at Deloitte in the areas of education, veterans and health and human services.

What’s next for Jonathan?  Well, you’ll have to listen to find out.  We’re sure you’ll enjoy this latest Brand Lab Series™ episode.

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