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AE Marketing Group Launches Brand Lab Series™ VideosApril - 2018

After three seasons of podcasts, we will now be including videos into the Brand Lab Series™. With our new videos, we will continue to grow a community of big brands, C-level executives, and entrepreneurs. Our new and exciting videos will feature guests who will share their insights and experiences as the Brand Lab Series™ continues to build a community of co-creation.

Thus far, AE has posted two feature videos. Our first Brand Lab Series™ video was episode 62 featuring Bosch Global IT Innovation Lead, Dennis Boecker and 1871 CEO, Howard Tullman. The video offers an exclusive look inside the Chicago Connectory, a co-creation community for entrepreneurs, IoT startups, corporate innovators, and creative minds, as well as the full conversation with Boecker and Tullman.

Our second Brand Lab Series™ video was episode 67 featuring C-suite executives from five different industries including Mediafly, Tide Spin, Zorch, ThinkCERCA, and Fiduciary Financial Partners. Inside Chicago’s Skyline Club, the executives discuss how technology is transforming every industry and shows no slowing down in years to come.

Tide Spin CEO David VanHimbergen described the opportunity to participate in a Brand Lab Series™ video saying, “In a world that’s quickly changing and only getting faster and more complex, we need to leverage each other’s expertise and wisdom to build strong brands that can weather the change.” 

Keep an eye out for our upcoming videos this season.

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