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Co-Creation Knows No AgeMay - 2015


In a recent blog entry, we wrote about how J.Crew got on board with the co-creation movement by engaging with a 4-year-old fashion prodigy and having her design a line of kids’ clothing, due out this summer.

J.Crew, however, isn’t the only company finding co-creation success with the pre-teen set. As it turns out, the British supermarket chain Waitrose recently redesigned the label of its Brown Sauce based upon the feedback of a 7-year-old boy.

If you aren’t familiar with Brown Sauce, it’s a popular condiment served in the UK that’s traditionally drizzled over sausages, potatoes, eggs and the like. Brits love the stuff. However, 7-year-old Harry Deverill didn’t think much of Waitrose’s packaging for its Brown Sauce bottle.

Fast Company said it looked like cat poop.


As a result, the boy wrote to Waitrose managing director Mark Price, saying that he had no idea what the image on the bottle’s label was even supposed to be and offering to draw a new label for the grocery chain.

Rather than disregard Deverill’s message – which included the line, “mummy says I am good at drawing so if you would like me to draw a new picture for the label I would be happy to, ” Waitrose instead accepted Harry’s offer and decided to co-create with him.

So Harry took out his box of crayons and drew a new label.

Fast Company now describes it as “a very sensible-looking English breakfast.”

Harry’s new label included eggs, sausages, rashers, toast and baked beans” – in other words, all of the foods that Brown Sauce tastes delicious on.

In turn, Waitrose earned some great publicity thanks to its decision to be open to co-creation and a willingness to listen to every customer and value their ideas and input – no matter their age.

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