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Basket Case SessionsNovember - 2013


Last month we blogged about AE Marketing Group’s first new business loss since the company began in 2011. It was a hard blow, yet one that we decided we would learn from quickly, vent our frustrations and keep moving forward.

In just four short weeks, I am pleased to report we went 2-2 on new business pitches and 2013 will finish with record growth and profitability for our third consecutive year. We will also be announcing some exciting partnerships in the coming months.

So, what did we learn from the loss? Yes, all the specifics mentioned in the earlier post, but one more thing crystalized. It was okay to be mad, okay to be emotional and okay to vent. Too often, you hear “Its just business” and while that might be true, people run business and people have emotions. So instead of a brainstorm session, we had a “Basket Case Session” – Everyone could vent about the good, bad or ugly on the pitch from an emotional standpoint not a process standpoint. It was very therapeutic.

So the business lesson is the same lesson you already know in your personal life – some times you need to be a basket case and vent to move forward.

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