Bunker Lab Executive Director, Justin Walker Talks Scaling a National NonProfit on the Brand Lab Series™ Podcast
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PLAYING: Bunker Labs Executive Director, Justin Walker on Scaling a National NonProfit | Ep 53
May 16, 2017 | Podcast Episodes

With 12 years of extensive Naval Special Operations management, Justin Walker knows how to pivot. And, that’s exactly what the Bunker Labs, a fast-growing national nonprofit needs to scale.

We first spoke to the Bunker Labs Founder, and CEO, Todd Connor back in Episode 03. Since then the nonprofit has grown tremendously. Therefore, we asked Walker to join the Brand Lab Series™ to talk about his experience with scaling along the way.

“The biggest challenge is that you cannot replicate people,” says Walker.  “Because of this everyone needs to be in the right place at the right time for the right reasons.”

Brand Lab Series™ Episode 53 Show Guide

  • How the Bunker Labs is Building a National Ecosystem of Entrepreneurship
  • Managing Rapid Growth and Why People Don’t Scale
  • Veteran Experience and Entrepreneurship
  • The Fundraising Challenge
  • How to “Earn” Media
  • Muster Across America

Thank you for listening, we hope you enjoyed our conversation with Justin Walker. Furthermore, hear other episodes of the Brand Lab Series™ at:


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