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Co-Creation MindsetSeptember - 2020


Adopting a co-creation mindset allowed Network Health to better understand and improve the healthcare industry while building credibility in the market.

Co-creation is the design of new products, services, experiences, or business models in a collaborative environment. It gives everyone – employees, customers, and non-customers – a seat at the design table and allows all voices to be heard in a collaborative and interactive space. Implementing a co-creation strategy allows brands to hear input and ideas from all parties involved in the creation and use of their products/services, in turn, allowing them to create what consumers truly desire.

Since launching the Co-Creation Lab Series™ in 2013, AE Marketing Group has guided companies along their co-creation journeys and empowered them to adopt a co-creation mindset. We work with executives, employees, customers, and non-customers at healthcare companies, CPG brands, nonprofits, and more, to help them create better products and services together. 

In health insurance, an industry that has historically lagged behind in terms of customer experience improvements, we saw room for change. Leadership at Network Health, a Wisconsin-based health insurance company, realized that they were assuming too much about what their customers wanted and they sought genuine input from customers and non-customers.

AE Marketing Group used a co-creation strategy to launch the Co-Create Wisconsin Movement, which empowered consumers across the state to share their ideas and work hand-in-hand with Network Health to improve the health insurance experience from the outside-in by designing new products, services, and experiences – together. As a result, customer satisfaction at Network Health increased to 92%, exceeding Wisconsin and national customer satisfaction levels.

Learn more about AE Marketing Group’s Award-winning Co-Creation Lab Series™ here.

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