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Rumi Spice’s CEO and CFO on Military Veteran Entrepreneurship

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Kimberly Jung and Keith Alaniz Rumi Spice’s CEO and CFO on the Brand Lab Series™ Ep 47

Kimberly Jung and Keith Alaniz of Rumi Spice are back again on the Brand Lab Series™. Their passion for creating economic opportunity has helped these military veterans fuel rapid growth. So what has prepared these co-founders for entrepreneurial life?

Kimberly studied at Harvard Business School, and Keith is finishing his MBA at the University of Chicago. They share how the combination of military leadership and business school prepared them for entrepreneurial life. These experiences helped them form economic partnerships and build a sustainable business.

These military veterans share, “How to negotiate externally; how to create value for people external to your organization, to bring them value and to bring Rumi value.”

Tags: CPG, Entrepreneurship

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