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AE Marketing Group Launches Made.Me Storytelling Movement Featuring the American SpiritOctober - 2016


AE Marketing Group’s latest documentary campaign Made.me tells the human stories of why people work and how their work brings purpose.

For many, work is about redemption. Marshawn found the grace of yoga in prison and faced difficult odds when freed. He started a business and teaches yoga in one of the worst neighborhoods in the country.

For others, work is about filling the education void. Parker, a 12-year-old entrepreneur, brought engineering and a sense of community not found in the classroom.

Some see work as a way to empower the underserved. Kimberly and Emily, US Military Veterans, recognized business not the government was the answer to opportunity for people who are economically disconnected in the fields of Afghanistan and the inner city of Chicago.

Made.Me is designed to unite people on a local, regional and national level to demonstrate what motivates them to work and show what people are made of.

Unlike other “work” movements, Made.Me is not singularly focused on a specific group. Rather Made.Me breaks through barriers of geography, age, gender, ideology, race, industry, socio-economic class and more.

Made.Me features stories of how people adapt, overcome and endure.

It is as much a culture shift as a campaign.




LETS PULL FROM DROPBOX Yoga Man Video and/or Feature or Rumi Spice Video

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