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Leading the Conversation with Branding Magazine’s Chuck Kent Features The Brand Lab Series™ for Thought LeadershipMay - 2017

“Our industry is full of white noise and too many people all saying the same thing.”

Brandingmag Contributing Editor and Leading the Conversation’s Chuck Kent came to 1871 Chicago to sit down 1-1 with CEO Brian Walker. Chuck asks Brian why he created the Brand Lab Series™, its rapid growth, and high-profile guests.

“The C-Suite doesn’t care, nor should they about every latest marketing tactic of the week,” says Walker. “Instead, we have in-depth conversations about real issues they face and balance it with an entrepreneurial mindset.”

The Brand Lab Series™ Podcast is now in its second season and you can hear all episodes on iTunes, Google Play, iHeartRadio, Stitcher and at BrandLabSeries.com

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