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AE Marketing Group helps customers find solutions for a range of brand challenges. Often these challenges involve one or more of the following areas:

Curious? We would be happy to share our experiences and identify potential solutions to help your brand.

AE Marketing Group CEO Brian Walker and Network Health's Penny Ransom

The CoCreation Lab Series™

Abandon legacy thinking and research tactics and instead consider our forward-thinking The CoCreation Lab Series™.  Co-Creation provides brands the opportunity to design new products, services, and experiences with customers and non-customers by giving them a seat at the design table.

We designed the exclusive program to help AE Marketing Group customers identify areas of improvement and opportunity in today’s marketplace.

In 2015, AE Marketing Group’s CoCreation Lab Series™ was recognized by the Insight Innovation Exchange for our groundbreaking approach to consumer engagement in healthcare.


AE Marketing Group at Fast Company Innovation Festival


Book a Speaker

Are you an executive looking to take your company to the next level?  Does your user group or conference need a fresh point of view? Consider AE Marketing Group.

We’ve presented to a wide variety of audiences and industries. From executive education programs to consumer labs and from conferences to webcasts, we will inform and engage your audience in a program that’s uniquely tailored for each individual audience and event.  Click here to learn more.

AE Marketing Group CEO Brian Walker Receives Standing Ovation from Goldman Sachs

The Right Talent at the Right Time

As entrepreneurs, we know that no matter the size of your company or your budget, it’s better to outsmart than outspend the competition. At AE Marketing Group, we’re always identifying ways to accomplish this for our customers and our own business.

One successful way that we manage this is with our talent. Traditional agencies are often bloated with cookie-cutter staff and layered overhead. But at AE Marketing Group, we want to always have the right talent for the right job at the right time.

So, when you partner with us, you can be assured that you’re in good hands as we’ve hired a community network of entrepreneurs, designers, developers, strategists and writers with diverse industry and agency backgrounds and positioned them so we can bring together the right mix of talent and ideas for your unique needs, not ours.

AE Marketing Group Behind the Scenes

Work for AE Marketing Group

When it comes to embracing chaos, we lead by example. We have been profitable every month since March 2011 without any outside investment. We didn’t need an office, business cards, a logo, letterhead or a website to compete successfully in an industry in flux.

Instead, we’ve achieved success because we have two things that most brand marketing companies do not – an entrepreneurial spirit and a purpose.

If this culture sounds like a fit for you, take your shot and apply here.


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