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Happy Birthday AE Marketing Group!March - 2013


I want to write the first blog post on our new site to give thanks and wish the entire AE Marketing Group community a Happy 2nd Birthday. Over the last two years our start-up brand-marketing agency has grown in leaps and bounds.

We have accomplished this by embracing the very same market chaos we help our customers navigate everyday. We wore many entrepreneurial hats from operations to accounting, to production and business development. The byproduct of this was the realization that breaking down barriers is a good thing. This pushed many of us outside our comfort zones and fueled creative ideas to serve our customers and improve our own bottom line.

To that end, I am pleased to report that we are about to finish our ninth consecutive quarter of profitability. We are 100% Customer-Funded and wouldn’t have it any other way. So a huge thank you to everyone who believed in our vision, worked many late nights and trusted us with your brand.  Brian

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