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Blog Negligence in the 1st Degree – GuiltySeptember - 2013


So how does one of the fastest growing brand start-ups in Chicago, not follow one of the golden rules of brands in the digital age?! Our blog has sat hollow for months. Not cool. Yep, you got us – guilty. We advise customers and share our insight to brands throughout the US, yet sometimes we forget to look in the mirror.

During this same period, AE Marketing Group has grown tremendously, including:
• Revenue is up nearly 40%
• Captured 3 more international awards for brand excellence
• Launched our first Consumer Movement (www.CoCreateWi.com)
• Maintained 100% Customer Retention

However, we haven’t used this platform to shout to the world not just our success, but lessons learned from countless experiences working with our customers and consumers all over the country.

So throw the book at us, we were wrong and are seeking a pardon. Our team is committed to using our blog the way we advise our customers to use theirs. And if you have been guilty of Blog Negligence, don’t worry hopefully the parole board will go easy on you.

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