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Don’t Miss the ‘Shyp’ On Co-CreationMay - 2015

When it comes to co-creation, sometimes your brand plans on it – and sometimes, you just have to have the sense to recognize co-creation when it organically pops up along the way.

That was exactly the kind of opportunity that arose last year when Shyp launched its shipping service – currently available in San Francisco, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Miami – which lets you use an app to snap a photo of something you want to ship.

After that, a courier shows up at your door, packs your item using Shyp’s supplies and then hands it off to a delivery company like FedEx, UPS or the U.S. Postal Service.

Shyp’s service is custom-designed to help consumers ship goods as easily as possible, and without ever leaving their home or office. But, according to Fast Company, it soon discovered that its

customers had found a loophole in the carefully constructed system.


When they wanted to return a product to an online retailer like Amazon, they had figured out that they use the retailer’s site to start the process and print a return label. But then, instead of crating up the item and dropping it off for return themselves, they were sending it back via Shyp.

Shyp, of course, could have tried to close that loophole in its business model. But instead,

the company had the wisdom to recognize that co-creation was in action, even if Shyp didn’t initiate it.


Its customers had worked to make Shyp’s business offering even stronger, and so the company wisely took advantage.

Now, Shyp has formalized its customers’ idea and has updated its app to expedite returning unwanted items to e-commerce companies, proving that co-creation is so powerful that it works even when you don’t plan on it.



At AE Marketing Group, we encourage more companies to think in broader terms about co-creation and engage with customers, actually listen to them, and then take real action on their ideas. By doing so, you can elevate your brand, turn consumers into champions and generate growth.

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