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1871, the Largest Business and Technology Incubator in North America, Names AE Marketing Group a Member Company.

1871 Chicago, the largest business and technology incubator in North America, names AE Marketing Group a Member Company. Membership in Chicago’s premier business tech incubator is another step forward for our rapidly growing company, which in 2015 enjoyed its 20th consecutive quarter of profitability and was named a Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business. AE Marketing Group is excited to announce our official move this week into 1871 Chicago, the city’s premier business tech incubator located inside the famed Merchandise Mart.

Branding Magazine Features AE Marketing Group’s Expertise in Non-Profit Branding.

Branding Magazine features AE Marketing Group’s expertise in Non-Profit Branding. The Branding Round Table host, Chuck Kent, sits down with AE Marketing Group CEO, Brian Walker and UCAN CEO Emeritus Tom Vanden Berk to get a close up look at non-profit branding. They discuss the internal and external benefits to rebranding a 100 year old non-profit like UCAN.

Goldman Sachs Names AE Marketing Group a 10,000 Small Business

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses is an investment to help entrepreneurs create jobs and economic opportunity by providing greater access to education, capital and business support services. With 33 sites across the United States and United Kingdom, 10,000 Small Businesses has served over 8,000 small business owners.

Insight Innovation in Health invites Network Health and AE Marketing Group to present on Co-Creation

CoCreate Wisconsin was featured at the 2015 Insight Innovation Exchange Health Conference for its ground-breaking approach to consumer insight in the health care industry. Network Health’s Chief Administrative Officer, Penny Ransom, and AE Marketing Group’s CEO, Brian Walker, shared how CoCreate Wisconsin helped the smaller health brand outmaneuver larger brands in the industry, improved customer satisfaction, and drove operational change at IIeX.

AE Marketing Group launches CoCreate Wisconsin, a Consumer Movement Designed to Change the Health Insurance Industry

Network Health sought to cut the confusion surrounding healthcare and put consumers at ease by engaging Millennials and Baby Boomers to better understand their changing health insurance needs and establish authentic relationships with them. AE Marketing Group helped launch the CoCreate Wisconsin Movement, which has not only been a win for consumers, but its byproduct impact on Network Health’s brand and customer experience has been equally impressive.

AE Marketing Group leads the CoCreate Wisconsin Millennial Lab to Improve Customer Experience in The Health Insurance Industry.

CoCreate Wisconsin was designed to help change health insurance and improve customer experience in Wisconsin. People everywhere find the health insurance industry confusing and intimidating, which is what you get from years of design from the inside out. Network Health, along with AE Marketing Group, launched the CoCreate Wisconsin Movement, which activated consumers from across the state to share their ideas and work hand-in-hand with the company, to improve the health insurance experience from the outside in.

Supporting Non-Profits Goes Global as AE Marketing Group CEO, Brian Walker Visits South Africa and Zambia

In 2011, AE Marketing Group launched its annual Giving Week in line with their commitment to local and national non-profits. This year, AE Marketing Group’s mission is going global as CEO Brian Walker pledges support for schools and food kitchens in Africa.

Hernia Centers of America™ Chooses AE Marketing Group to Launch their Brand.

AE Marketing Group was chosen by Hernia Centers of America™ to rebrand their company. HCOA provides unmatched expertise and state-of-the-art treatment options.

Benedictine University Recognizes AE Marketing Group CEO with Distinguished Alumni Award

AE Marketing Group CEO, Brian Walker, is awarded the distinguished alumni award by his alma mater Benedictine University. The Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes outstanding achievement in a career field or personal endeavor. CEO Brian Walker was awarded this honor for exemplifying Benedictine values of service, hospitality, and dedication in their personal and/or professional life.

Know the Facts Alaska Campaign is launched by AE Marketing Group

As a nonpartisan education group, Know the Facts Alaska campaign was created to identify the unmet needs and unanswered health insurance questions of thousands of consumers from throughout the state.

AE Marketing Group Launches the CoCreation Lab Series™ to Help Brands Connect with Customers

The CoCreation Lab Series™ helps the F2000 tackle its most pressing business challenges. With the economy in flux and technology rapidly changing the way people communicate, today’s companies are being forced to think differently about how they elevate customer experience, improve product design, foster consumer engagement, and inspire brand loyalty.

Chicago Ideas Week Names AE Marketing Group a Community Partner

Chicago Ideas week is all about exchanging ideas from today’s innovators and thinkers. Being a community partner has allowed AE Marketing Group to participate with an inspiring group of people looking to transform the world.

AE Marketing Group is Highest Fundraiser at 10th Annual Run for Gus

AE Marketing Group attends Run for Gus Benefiting Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. After an eventful day, CEO Brian Walker fundraises the most money for the charity.

Awarded Highest Brand Honors at 33rd Annual Telly Awards for “We Speak Your Language”

Creating a campaign centered around simplifying health care jargon, AE Marketing Group worked with Network Health to produce the “We Speak Your Language”. The campaign was such a success that AE Marketing Group and Network Health were awarded the highest brand honors at the 33rd annual Telly Awards.

Medical Market and Media Recognizes AE Marketing Group

AE Marketing Group is named one of the Top 100 Agencies in a special issue of Medical Market and Media.

Inaugural Giving Week Kicks Off

In the Spring of 2011, AE Marketing Group began its inaugural giving week with community building and non-profit outreach. Since its inception, AE has provided financial support and volunteer hours for numerous charities all over the US.

Children’s Hospital of Chicago Names CEO Brian Walker to the Young Associates Board

AE Marketing Group CEO Brian Walker is dedicated to giving back to the community. After years of volunteering for Children’s Hospital of Chicago, he took his volunteering a step further and began serving for the young associates board.