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The 1 Word You Didn’t Hear at The Fast Company Innovation FestivalJanuary - 2016

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Have you ever noticed that people who tell everyone how funny they are — usually just aren’t that funny? Ironically, with that in mind, a funny thing happened recently while I attended The Fast Company Innovation Festival in New York City.

The most innovative brands and entrepreneurs from around the globe never used the word “innovation.”

Now, sure, these industry leaders don’t exactly shy away from the “innovation” label. But after spending a few inspiring days alongside them, it was remarkable how rarely — if ever — they used the term “innovative” to actually describe themselves.


Well, because they instead let their passion, work and results say so. Drawing from that insight, witness the unspoken innovation of five brands.

Continue reading AE Marketing Group CEO Brian Walker’s column in our Brand Lab Series™ publication at Medium. 

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