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Alexa Jackson is the Marketing Manager at AE Marketing Group. Her day-to-day focus is on account management and content marketing. Alexa joined AE Marketing Group in 2017 while completing her degrees in Marketing and Journalism at Loyola University Chicago. In 2018, she was promoted to Marketing Manager. Alexa brings a great deal of creativity to her roles in account/project management, corporate branding, media relations, and content marketing. While managing client projects from ideation to completion, Alexa also helps our customers rethink their creative strategy, content stack, and buyer personas.


Given Alexa’s background in journalism, she regularly writes original content for both AE Marketing Group and our customers. She identifies industry trends and areas where our customers/prospects have questions and explores them through her blog posts by tying in examples of well known companies. Alexa understands that for challenger brands, it is vital, yet, often difficult, to write content that stands out amongst the noise. That’s why Alexa immerses herself within the brands she blogs about and writes about them from the unique angle of her own first-hand experience. Her blogs also offer advice and insight to fellow junior employees, explore buyer personas through original research, highlight AE’s point of view on timely and relevant topics, and more. Beyond writing, Alexa also has an eye for photography and her photos have been an integral component in bringing our customers’ content to life.


Alexa is the writer and host of AE Marketing Group’s Marketing Minute video series on Youtube. The series offers consumable pieces of advice on a variety of marketing-related topics for our manager and director-level audience. Her videos explore topics like how to use enterprise branding to disrupt advertising, how to create and showcase brand personality, how to become a thought leader, how to fuel brand growth, and more. Alexa also invites specialists to participate in the video series to discuss topics like podcasting, video production, and digital marketing. The videos series has a global audience with tens of thousands of views.


Alexa Jackson also works with Brian Walker to facilitate and host workshops that help our customers better understand strategic thinking. One workshop that she is particularly passionate about is our buyer persona workshop, during which we help our customers better understand and speak to their ideal prospects. Alexa also explores buyer persona mapping in her Marketing Minute video series and has written blogs about AE’s own c-suite and director-level personas. 


Alexa Jackson is an avid traveler, foodie, house plant collector, and dog mom. While her favorite travel destinations are often overseas, Alexa also loves hiking and has visited seven national parks with a goal to one day see all 61.