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Case Study: Medicare Marketing at Network Health

Business Challenge

Network Health offered a variety of employer, group, individual, family, and Medicare Advantage health plans to businesses and people throughout Wisconsin, yet needed to improve lead-generation for its Medicare product line after two-years of flat growth.


AE Marketing Group recommended and implemented the following five strategies to improve Medicare Marketing: (1) Gain consumer insight through a combination of online surveys and learning labs to speak directly with customers and non-customers to better understand their buying habits and product needs. (2) Develop campaigns outside of the busy AEP selling season to attract those turning 65 every day and apply learnings to Open enrollment marketing. (3) Shift creative strategy away from traditional “talking head” Medicare direct response ads all too common in the health insurance industry. (4) Revise traditional media strategies by eliminating any channel that did not provide direct call-to-action in a seamless way for intended audience. (5) Build digital capabilities beyond just SEM to include click-to-call/text ads, social lookalike profiling, and geo-fencing strategies.


  • Digital and Social Channels Represented 82% of all Marketing Leads
  • Total inbound Phone Calls Increased 41%
  • TV Advertising Leads Increased 2,400%
  • Digital Click Rates Increased 585%
  • Digital Interactions Increased 842%


  • Creative Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO Marketing
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