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Case Study: Non-Profit Co-Creation through Know the Facts Alaska


Business Challenge

With limited private health insurance competition and a highly uninsured population living in unique economic conditions, Alaska offered no clear source to help guide consumers through the Affordable Care Act rollout in 2013.



AE Marketing Group launched a nonpartisan education group, Know the Facts Alaska to provide digital content and education to Alaskan consumers on health care reform. Created, produced, and launched in less than six weeks, the KTFA movement became an instant hit with thousands of brand activists across digital, social, and other media platforms. Additionally, KTFA (designed hand-in-hand with Alaskan consumers) went on to show engagement levels never before seen for any policy-related issue in the state.



  • Key decision makers (women: 65%) and influencers (Millennials: 2x average) had unprecedented levels of involvement
  • Movement size and participation eclipsed all other Affordable Care Act groups (both partisan and nonpartisan) by wide margins
  • Brand engagement across every touch point averaged 5.5%
  • One of the most successful ACA campaigns of 2013-2014, Know the Facts Alaska received national earned media


  • Digital Strategy
  • Creative Treatments
  • Video Production
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