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Case Study: B2B Healthcare Co-Creation at Co-Create Wisconsin


Business Challenge

The health insurance industry hit a 10-year low on the America Customer Satisfaction Index as the industry lagged behind in terms of customer experience improvements. And, leadership at Network Health realized they were assuming too much about what their customers wanted and they sought genuine input from customers and non-customers.



AE Marketing Group used co-creation to launch the Co-Create Wisconsin Movement, which empowered consumers across the state to share their ideas and work hand-in-hand with Network Health to improve the health insurance experience from the outside-in by designing new products, services, and experiences - together.



  • Customer satisfaction at Network Health improved to 92%, exceeding Wisconsin and national customer satisfaction levels
  • 900% brand growth in online community engagement
  • Earned media and recognition by the AMA, Insight Innovation Exchange, Health Plan Alliance, Huffington Post, Innovation Learning Network, and more
  • Technical insight from Millennials for new mobile health delivery solution led to a 2016 Digital Health Award
  • Customer insight let to 2018 Network Health member portal and website UX improvements


  • Ideation Labs
  • Co-Creation Strategy
  • Product Design
  • Employee Advocacy/Engagement
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