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Technology & Promotions Collide for $38B PieFebruary - 2016

Pizza Brand Strategy

As Americans, perhaps the only thing we love more than our football is our pizza. These two loves intersected in perfect gluttonous harmony during Super Bowl 50 for what was not only the biggest date on the NFL calendar, but the biggest day of the year for pizza delivery, to boot.

Just like pro football, there’s a lot of dough in the $38 billion pizza industry.

Since before Super Bowl I, two restaurant icons — Pizza Hut (est. 1958) and Domino’s (est. 1960) — have been battling over America’s appetite for pepperoni and cheese. Today, both companies continue to spend heavily on advertising, but in recent years have diverged on marketing strategies with one choosing a path focused heavily on technology, while the other has built its brand around promotions.

That begs the question: when it’s Technology vs. Promotions, who wins?

Find out in our CEO Brian Walker’s column at The Huffington Post

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